Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Just got an email notice today that a religious publication that uses a lot of personal experience type stories is closing to freelancers. I was shocked, but not surprised as this has happened more and more. This publication has been around for 80 years and I've sold at least 50 pieces to them in the last 15. But now, the economy is causing them to lighten their staff and their needs.

It's at least the 10th such publication I've seen shut down or shut down to freelancers in the last year or two.

The children's publishing market is tightening all the time as well.

It's discouraging, but for us writers who couldn't give up what we do, it just means new challenges to find new markets or change and morph some of our own writing to new areas.

On the positive though, received a note from my editor that TORNADO TROUBLE, first book in the WENDY'S WEATHER WARRIOR chapter book series has arrived, published and beautiful, at her office. I will be seeing (and signing) it at Texas Library Conference in San Antonio in about 3 weeks. Very exciting!

So, as on most days or weeks, the writing life has its ups and downs, wins and losses. Guess that's what makes it so exciting and challenging.

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