Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's been a blistery cold day today and though I've done a little nonfiction writing for adults, I'm pining to get back to my kid's books. Instead today I've been reading. Started The Day the Swallows Came Early and having trouble putting it down. This is definitely a character driven story in my thoughts. It's wonderful. I love the description, the scenes and scenery, the sensory details...but the main thing is the main character. I'm so into the girls' emotions, I was just as angry for her about her father when she learns the truth as she was.

About 3 books down the road, I've got an idea I've worked on in my head for awhile that might have a similiar feel to this if I can get it right. Then again, the work in progress book I'm on now could/should have this strong sense of character feel. I've been working on plotting and planning scenes and situations, yet as I've worked on writing letters from my characters to one another, I'm learning even more about the plot as I'm learning about my characters and their own particular personalities, needs, fears, etc.

So, as I enjoy reading this book, I hope it makes my head flow with the ability to build such a strong character of my own in a story that, unlike many of my stories, is much more about her and relationships and emotions than a slam-bang action or humor that I generally work on.

We shall see.

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