Thursday, May 13, 2010

A writer's journey

Spent time visiting with a dear friend today who is 'battling' cancer. I used to wonder why this term was used until I dealt with it myself nearly 4 years ago. It truly is a battle.

My friend is working on a book about his journey and what he hopes to share with others that will encourage and challenge them.

Every piece of writing is a journey. I'm amazed at how many paths they can take and at how we must perform the task of discovering the right path for that particular project.

Reworked on a picture book today. It could've taken many directions, but once I set it on what seemed like the right direction, it finally flowed. And now, twisting it a bit more in a tiny offshoot of that original journey, it flows even better. This doesn't always happen and most of the time I feel like I'm standing at a multiple crossroad taking a few steps down one path, backing up and trying a different one. And sometimes, I realize the original path really was the best way, it just needed some tweakings down some side roads.

Ok, so why do we writer's use metaphors and such to describe our writing? To keep us sane. :)


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