Saturday, June 5, 2010

summer writing

This weekend I am officially the mother of a child who has graduated from high school. Doesn't seem like it's really here. Yeah, there's college and stuff, but this is a huge step for us all.

Then again, it's summer and daughter is not at school all day and wonderful teacher hubby will be off after first part of summer school, so I need to get my mindset on work not just play. It's a more laid back time, and easy to get caught up with outdoor work and family activities and so on.

But, as of a couple weeks ago, got my long awaited contracts for the 6 book nonfiction picture book series. 1st is due August 1st and next due in November, but my goal is to have first 2 books done by middle of July. Why? Need those work for hire payments.

Thanks to income tax rates (being self-employed is a good way to feel penalized for trying to get ahead) and such, I won't turn in anymore until after the first of next year.

I'm also anxious to get a first draft done on middle-grade contemporary fantasy novel been working on and off for the last 2 years and more seriously on the last several months. I know (sorta) where I'm headed with it and anxious to focus more on it.

So, summer fun, looking forward to ya', but gotta be diligent on the writing front as well.

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