Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm beginning to realize that I have ADD in my writing. I love working on several projects at one time. But, I'd really like to focus my attention lately on one specific project, the middle-grade science fiction/fantasy novel I began when i first started writing, sent out with very nice responses, then put away for many years. After pulling it out again a year ago, I fell in love with the project all over again. Agent at the time was very interested in the project and gave me a wonderful suggestion for changing my main character, which turned into a long road of changing the whole book naturally, since the viewpoint and needs of the character are different.

The book has sit quietly the last 3 months while I've sent out a few feelers on it, still waiting on those and while I worked on 2 work-for-hire novels. But I'm ready to go through it again and seen who to make it better.

It's a scary thing to tackle a project you love, once again, knowing the flaws will leap out at you. But, I hope those flaws do leap out so I can tackle them.

I already had a writing schedule for the week; small projects to start or finish, bigger ones to add to or edit, but this one is calling to me and that excites me again.


Word Designer said...

I often have more than one iron in the fire. I don't think I could work without knowing there was something else to inspire me, if I get stumped with the project I'm on. Welcome aboard!

Word Designer

Cerelle said...

If you have ADD, it certainly hasn't interfered with your ability to create or produce. I'd say it's workin' for you! :)