Friday, February 12, 2010

I've done an in-person talk to a writer's group this week and been a guest author for an ICL workshop this week online, both times talking about being an organized writer and I've tried to figure out why I like this organization thing (it's definitely not about having a clean desk or perfectly organizing everything on my computer with lots of charts and forms and grafts).

I realized that after all these 20 years of writing and marketing now, I really love it...even the paperwork and submitting part (for the most part). Still hate the rejections, but who doesn't? Writer's are masochists to some extent, but that would be ridiculous.

So, here's my little Organization Tip for the day.

Create yourself an Expert File. Make a list of everyone you know; family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and their areas of expertise. Maybe it's a hobby, a job, a career, or something they've done in their past. I put these on index cards and into a card box. Ask your friends and family and co-workers who they know that might be helpful someday as an expert you can interview for a nonfiction piece or for information to help in fiction writing.

I haven't figured an easy way to organize them yet, such as by type of expert, but for now I just do it by last name and thumb through them.

Today I take a writing/marketing break with the snow, but tomorrow it's back to work on current middle-grade novel in progress and on marketing short stuff and books.

I'm ready to begin a new agent search as well.


Cerelle said...

How you can do so many things in one week is always a puzzlement to me! But it's an inspiration, too. Blog on! :)

Shirley said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I know you have great stuff to offer. Looking forward to reading your blog. I'm adding you to my Google reader right now.